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Scarface and his gang prove to be very effective when they managed to capture Batman by developing the spying device he put on the Ventriloquist tie and organize a fake hit to get the vigilante. Scarface ties and hangs Batman and sets him to fall into a pit full of mannequin hands with sharpened nails pointing up. At this point, by faking and projecting the voice of the Ventriloquist, Batman plays both of Wesker's personalities, setting them to fight against each other. That way, he made enough time to set himself free and defeat the gang. During the fight, Muggsy, one of the main Scarface thugs, accidentally shoots and destroys the dummy, apparently traumatizing Wesker.

At the end of the episode, locked in Arkham Asylum, Wesker is shown in one of the workshops shaping some wood. After a nurse congratulates him, he rolls it over revealing it was a new dummy head. He takes a knife and makes a "scar" across the face, similar to the original Scarface's. However, the scenes when the dummy is destroyed became recurring in his future appearance, leading to Scar-face's temporary "death" until a new dummy is made. In "Trial" he did not even die after his head was accidentally chopped off by The Scarecrow. One of the dummies, probably the one from "Read My Lips" (because of the several bullet holes), was featured as one of the items of the souvenir gallery of the Bat-cave in Batman Beyond. In the DVD commentary to "Read My Lips," Bruce Timm stated that the recurring destruction of the dummy was because, since he was not a "living" character, the Fox Kids censors placed no restrictions on its treatment; as a result, the production staff vented their darker impulses by finding a more gruesome way of destroying the dummy each time, culminating in grinding him to sawdust in a building's ventilation fans in his final major appearance.

Later, in The New Batman Adventures episode "Double Talk," Wesker finally stood up to and destroyed Scarface, thus seemingly ridding himself of his alternate personality. However, in the comic books and in his last appearance in "Over The Edge," it is implied that a normal life may be always just out of Wesker's reach (in this version, Scarface is redesigned to wear a lighter colored blue suit than the B:TAS one, and a hat of the same color as well as having caucasian skin and being shorter altogether).




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