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The earliest known news of O'Brienn had him involved with a sectarian organization in Northern Ireland. An old acquaintance, Nigel Keane was also part of the group, and the two fell in love with the same woman. However, It was revealed that Keane was an undercover policeman, and due to O'Brienn's reaction, the woman died. This has led to a long-standing grudge between the two men.

In modern times, O'Brienn resurfaced as a member of the M.E.R.C.s group, an enemy of StormWatch - whose roster includes Nigel Keane, now with superhuman powers.


  • Weapons Manifestation & Control - Deathtrap has the power to summon weapons, either by teleporting them or generating them wholsale from his environment.
    • He has the secondary power of controlling the summoned guns, shooting them independently at his opponents


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