Felix Faust sought to use his own children as an exchange for power. However, a bargain with the demon Nebiros backfired, as young Sebastian was given the power Felix craved.


Sebastian first became active with the Outsiders in Markovia.

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Day of Judgment

Asmodel (New Earth) took the power of the Spectre and brought hell to earth. Sebastion was part of the newly reformed sentinels of magic that put a stop to it. To do it he had to reignite the fires of hell by murdering the Enchantress in cold blood. By doing so he lost his newly regained soul.

Black Baptism

Stopped another plot by the forces of hell to take over the world.


  • Magic: Faust uses a form of sorcery known as soul magic; his spells are powered by the souls of others.
  • Sebastian Faust is British, although easily mistaken as American.[1]



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