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Secret Sanctuary

Official Name
The Secret Sanctuary
Justice League Headquarters; Young Justice Headquarters

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The Secret Sanctuary was the name given to a large cave deep inside of a mountain base in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Shortly after the Appellaxian invasion, the newly formed Justice League of America decided to use the cave as their secret headquarters. They maintained their hidden base for many years until the financial backing of Bruce Wayne enabled the team to establish a satellite in geosynchronous orbit above the Earth.

Secret Sanctuary 003
The Sanctuary as it first appeared.
Roygbiv666Added by Roygbiv666

The cave remained empty for many years until some time ago when an abandoned alien entity found its way inside and began using it as a nest. Members of both the original Justice League as well as the nascent Detroit League worked together to remove this cumbersome entity from their former headquarters.

Secret Sanctuary 001
Blueprint of Secret Sanctuary
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Years later, the teen heroes known as Young Justice (with the help of the Red Tornado) established the Secret Sanctuary as their new base of operations.

When the Watchtower was destroyed by Superboy-Prime in the run-up to the Infinite Crisis, the Justice League decamped to the Secret Sanctuary. From here they fought the Key.

25 weeks after the Infinite Crisis, Martian Manhunter, in an elegiac mood, created a tribute to the fallen members of the JLA in the Secret Sanctuary.

When their brownstone headquarters were destroyed in a battle with an army of mercenary supercriminals, the Justice Society borrowed the Sanctuary. However, they were asked to move out swiftly.



The Earth-Two Superman likewise made use of a special hideaway known as the Secret Sanctuary, however this was an entirely different construct with no relationship to the Justice League headquarters. Located just outside of Metropolis, Superman's Sanctuary functioned as a precursor to the Earth-One Fortress of Solitude.

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