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in: Cliff Chiang/Cover Artist, Gail Simone/Writer, Jim Calafiore/Penciler Jim Calafiore/Inker, Jason Wright/Colourist, John Kalisz/Colourist, Travis Lanham/Letterer, Sean Ryan/Editor, Rachel Gluckstern/Editor, Secret Six (Villains United)/Appearances, Bane (New Earth)/Appearances, Lori Zechlin (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Blake (New Earth)/Appearances, Floyd Lawton (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeannette (New Earth)/Appearances, Nanaue (New Earth)/Appearances, Peter Merkel, Jr. (New Earth)/Appearances, Scandal Savage (New Earth)/Appearances, Doom Patrol (New Earth)/Appearances, Irwin Schwab (New Earth)/Appearances, Karen Beecher (New Earth)/Appearances, Rita Farr (New Earth)/Appearances, Lawrence Trainor (New Earth)/Appearances, Clifford Steele (New Earth)/Appearances, S.M.A.S.H. (New Earth)/Appearances, Eric Fine (New Earth)/Appearances, Leo Mackenery (New Earth)/Appearances, Blanca (New Earth)/Appearances, Liana Kerzner (New Earth)/Appearances, Rutland/Appearances, Vermont/Appearances, Oolong Island/Appearances, Comics, 2011, 2011, April, 2011, February (Publication), Secret Six Vol 3, Modern-Age, Executive Editor Credit Needed, Wikify, Synopsis Written

Secret Six Vol 3 30


Secret Six Vol 3 30

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"Suicide Roulette, Part One of Two: Like a Star on the Horizon": The Secret Six battle the Doom Patrol.

Appearing in "Suicide Roulette, Part One of Two: Like a Star on the Horizon"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Blanca
  • Liana
  • Jordan (First appearance)
  • Spencer (First appearance)
  • Denise (First appearance)
  • Elyssa (First appearance)
  • Elise (First appearance)
  • Kevin (Only appearance; dies)


  • Superior's Gentleman's Club



Synopsis for "Suicide Roulette, Part One of Two: Like a Star on the Horizon"

The Secret Six battle the Doom Patrol.


This story continues in Doom Patrol Vol 5 19.


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