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Secret Six Vol 3 35


Secret Six Vol 3 35

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"Caution to the Wind, Part One of Two": Bane and Catman have a nice little tete-a-tete while Deadshot and Jeannette have a more carnal discussion. King Shark walks into

Quote1 IIIIIII'm a shark, I'm a shark, I'm a shark, I'm a shark! I'm a sharrrrrrk! I'm a *&6%$#@ sharrrrrrrrk! Quote2
-- King Shark

Appearing in "Caution to the Wind, Part One of Two"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Caution to the Wind, Part One of Two"

Bane and Catman have a nice little tete-a-tete while Deadshot and Jeannette have a more carnal discussion. King Shark walks into the kitchen to get some blubber from the fridge, and comes across Deadshot and Jeannette. King Shark apologizes for the intrusion, but Jeanette dismisses it, as she is more concerned by impending death that she smells. Meanwhile, the newly-returned Knockout and Scandal have a nice, carnal tete-a-tete. Bane confides in Catman that he wants to see Batman crushed, and feels that when he "broke the bat", that the Bat really broke him... He makes a plan with the team (plus an unrevealed eighth member of the Secret Six) to attack those close to Batman: Red Robin, Batgirl, Robin, and Huntress. Do to their recent romantic involvement, Catman objects to the Huntress being attacked, so she is replaced with Commisionor Gordon. The attacks are to happen simultaneously while Bane distracts Batman. The team start the plan, beginning with an attack on Penguin at a well-guarded, luxurious home. After torturing him (the final blow being penguins fed to King Shark), he agrees to Bane's terms. He will hand over info on the Batman Family, and he will join the team.


  • This book was first published on July 6, 2011.From This issue marks a major turning point in the life of the Secret Six's most tortured member, the dangerously brilliant and ambitious Bane. Will even his few remaining friends on the team become casualties in his renewed war on Gotham City?


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