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in: Ernie Chan/Cover Artist, David Anthony Kraft/Writer, Pablo Marcos/Penciler Ernie Chan/Inker, Vince Colletta/Colourist, Gerry Conway/Editor, Secret Society of Super-Villains I/Appearances, George Harkness (New Earth)/Appearances, Leonard Snart (New Earth)/Appearances, Adam Blake (New Earth)/Appearances, Funky Flashman (New Earth)/Appearances, Gorilla Grodd (New Earth)/Appearances, Hi-Jack (New Earth)/Appearances, Paul Kirk II (New Earth)/Appearances, Samuel Scudder (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaal Sinestro (New Earth)/Appearances, Remoni-Notra (New Earth)/Appearances, William Zard (New Earth)/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, Uxas (New Earth)/Appearances, Mantis (New Earth)/Appearances, Kalibak (New Earth)/Appearances, William Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, San Francisco/Appearances, Sinister Citadel/Appearances, Yellow Power Ring/Appearances, Green Lantern Ring/Appearances, Captain Cold's Cold Gun/Appearances, Comics, 1976, 1976, December, 1976, October (Publication), Secret Society of Super-Villains Vol 1, Bronze-Age, Executive Editor Credit Needed, Letterer Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

Secret Society of Super-Villains Vol 1 4


Secret Society of Super-Villains Vol 1 4

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"When Thieves Fall Out...": The Wizard and Sinestro leave the team after the former banishes Hi-Jack to limbo. Green Lantern battles Mantis, but ends up unwit

Appearing in "When Thieves Fall Out..."

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Synopsis for "When Thieves Fall Out..."

The Wizard and Sinestro leave the team after the former banishes Hi-Jack to limbo. Green Lantern battles Mantis, but ends up unwittingly recharging the power-sapping villain. Mantis boasts that he will soon have more power than Darkseid, at which point Darkseid arrives. Funky Flashman, a promoter, contacts several Society members with a proposal to become their publicity agent. Finally, Kalibak battles Grodd and the Society, and as Mantis cowers before Darkseid, the Apokolips Lord points out the presence of the Black Racer, harbinger of death.


Hi-Jack is banished to limbo by the Wizard in this issue. His next appearance is in Justice League of America #167, in which he is inexplicably back on Earth and praises the Wizard as being a better leader for the Society than Funky Flashman (whom he never meets in this series).


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