The "anatomically astonishing" Seductress was an exotic dancer turned super villain.

One of her employers was the the Penguin and became part of his bird-themed gang. However, she was caught doing meth on the job, and was fired just a week before the gang was killed by the Joker.

Years later, she became the "moll" of General Immortus. He gave her pheromone control powers - what she called her "angel dust" - and promised that she would inherit everything upon his death.

She stayed with the gang until the Human Flame explained what "immortal" meant, at which time, she left with him. The two travelled for a bit, but he dumped her for increased powers. She was later apprehended by the Justice League.



  • Seductress has a tendency to talk at length. It was this trait which ultimately led the Human Flame to leave her.