Quote1 Purr, I'll be taking that. Quote2
-- Selina Kyle src

Selina Kyle was a master thief operating in Shanghai in 1930. When a powerful gang obtained the Scroll of Destiny, Selina infiltrated their headquarters disguised as a maid, claiming that she was bringing room service, before revealing herself as Catwoman and quickly defeating the gang members and stealing the Scroll for herself. Leaping into the streets below, Catwoman passed by Bane, before being stopped by a powerful member of the gang. The man demanded she return the Scroll of Destiny, and when Selina refused the two of them began to fight. While Kyle was a master at hand-to-hand combat, she was no match for the man's superior strength and skill, but as he began to gain the upper hand, a now super powered Bane crashed into both of them, allowing him to steal the scroll for himself. Batman appeared and teamed up with Kyle to overpower and defeat Bane, but he quickly and effortlessly defeated Catwoman as well before taking the Scroll himself and dispersing into a flock of bats.


  • Acrobatics - Selina is a skilled acrobat with exceptional agility, able to smash through window and land (wearing high heels no less) without injury, grabbing nearby poles and structures to break her fall.
  • Martial Arts - Selina is a skilled martial artist. In a fight Selina was able to hold her own against the Shanghai gang's strongest enforcers.
  • Thievery - Selina presumably offsets her day to day living as a professional thief.


Elaborate Catwoman costume


Catwoman uses a whip in combat.

  • There's no evidence that the Catwoman in this series is in fact Selina Kyle. As this takes place in Shanghai, China in the 1930's. Given her paler skin complexion she may be a European or American immigrant or traveler to China.



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