Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, first appears to the villainous player in the Gotham City Tap Room night club. Catwoman is standing on the dance floor near Two-Face. However, if the player approaches Catwoman, she will not maintain interest in the villain and stop the conversation.

Later, when the player is assigned to invade a nearby warehouse by their mentor, Catwoman will also arrive. She states that there are other valuables inside the warehouse other than what the player was assigned to. Kyle will fight alongside the player, even until the end when the Huntress arrives. Catwoman helps the player fight the Huntress and invading police officers. Once the heroes are defeated, Catwoman will express her appreciation for the villain, and suggest they meet in the nightclub.

Later at the nightclub, Catwoman will relay a message from the villain's mentor about Bane's gang invading.