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Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a notorious thief from Gotham City, whose conflict between his criminal activities and her affection for Batman would often cause her to be part of irregular situations.

Early Criminal Career

Selina Kyle started operating as the notorious burglar, the Cat and she would end up battling Batman and Robin. Stealing the necklace of Martha Travers, the Cat would be foiled when Batman sees through her disguise, however she manages to get away and Robin suspects that Batman let her get away on purpose[2].

After a series of spectacular crimes, she had reformed but after reading an article in the Gotham Gazette about Batman's greatest cases, an infuriated Selina Kyle resumed her life of crime as Catwoman. She committed a number of cat related crimes until Batman and Robin intervened, capturing her gang but she escaped in a boat.[3] In an attempt to smuggle stolen jewels through a beauty pageant, Selina entered the pageant and attempted to convince Batman that the crimes were being committed by a second Catwoman, but ultimately failed.[4] In a more successful jewelry theft, Catwoman fled to a remote island and succeeded in capturing Batman. However, when her hired men wanted to kill the Caped Crusader, the Catwoman set him free.[5].

First Comeback

Catwoman's New Costume

Catwoman's New Costume

After an extended leave of absence, Catwoman returned and used Lois Lane as a pawn to murder the Penguin, but this scheme was thwarted by Batman, Robin and Superman.[6][7] Later, Catwoman became jealous of Batgirl, Batman's new female partner[8] and she tried to gain Batman's attention by making Batgirl look bad. Her plan backfired and she was defeated by Batgirl, just to be captured by Batman on the aftermath.[9] When a west-coast crime family tries to place a stake in Gotham City and target Batman for death, Catwoman and various other villains thwart this plot wanting the glory of killing Batman all to themselves[10].

Jailed and later paroled, Selina would open a slenderizing salon in a front to train a group of ex-cons in stealing the Potala Pearl from the Nizam of Nepal, this attempt is also foiled by Batman[11]. Back in jail, Catwoman is attempted to be sprung by a woman named Bertha, however this attempt was foiled by Black Canary[12]. While seeking out the rare gem called the Fist of Flame, Catwoman would clash with Wonder Woman. Eventually escaping, the duo along with Wonder Woman's trainer I-Ching are transported to the world of Nehwon[13]. There, Catwoman would aid Wonder Woman and I-Ching in foiling I-Ching's daughter Lu Shan from obtaining both the First of Flame and the Eye of the Ocean and using both gems to rule both Earth and Nehwon[14].

Back to Basics

Old Costume Returns

Old Costume Returns

Returning to Earth, Catwoman next attemptted to steal a pair of white tigers from a circus that she has infiltrated, but she was eventually defeated by Batman and Robin.[15] While on transport for the Gotham Penitentiary, Selina and the rest of the inmates escaped thanks to an unfortunate accident. She returned to Gotham where she resumed her old costume and gathered her old gang in order to start back her criminal career. During her first caper, she was captured by Batman when her pet cat Hecate led the Caped Crusader to her hideout.[16] Free once again, Catwoman attempted to steal a priceless feline owned by an actor, leading to a clash between herself, The Joker and the actor.[17] Selina would return as Catwoman once more, but she learned of a copy-cat by the name of Catgirl. As she tried to get rid of the young imitator, Catwoman was once again captured by Batman.[18]

Next, Selina became an ambassador to the nation of Sudaria and attempted to the steal blue prints to a new US defense device called "Peter Rabbit". However this attempt was thwarted by Batman and Wonder Woman, although Catwoman managed to escape.[19] When Batman is seemingly killed the criminal underworld holds a court to interrogate those who claim that they killed Batman. Catwoman is one of the many costumed criminals that testify that they killed Batman, however her testimony is revealed to be nothing but a hoax by Two-Face (really Batman in disguise) who reveals that Catwoman made up the story in order to convince the underworld leaders that she is capable of killing[20]. Teaming up with Poison Ivy and crooked fortune teller Madame Zodiac, Catwoman begins another crime spree until she is thwarted by Batgirl, Batwoman and Huntress[21].

Reformation and Romance with Batman

Selina would once more decide to reform from her career in crime, and even invest money into the Wayne Enterprises[22]. She would continue to work with the Wayne Enterprises[23] and even host a Wayne funded telethon[24]. Continuing to work for Wayne, under the close supervision of Lucius Fox[25], Selina is less than impressed when her employer Bruce Wayne orders a background check on her[26]. Although this background check strains relations between Selina and Bruce[27], the pair reconcile when Bruce apologizes for the background check personally[28]. She later participates at a Wayne Enterprise costume ball[29], and is present when Batman is kidnapped by The Spook[30].

Selina is present at Wayne Manor when the Joker kidnaps Alfred Pennyworth as part of a plot to execute a number of his enemies on his "Victim-Go-Round" for his birthday. Though Selina tries to defend Alfred, the Joker tricks her and renders her unconscious. The Batman would eventually foil the Joker's plot[31]. When Selina learns from Dr. Dundee, that she is suffering from a rare disease that can only be cured by an ancient Egyptian herbal medicine, the antidote listed on urns in the Gotham Museum, considers resuming her role of Catwoman to save her life[32]. When the urns are stolen, it prompts Batman to investigate, and he initially suspects that Catwoman is back and confronts Selina who has once more resumed her costumed identity. She refuses the accusations and escapes Batman, however both track the stolen urns, however both are captured by the real crook Cat-Man[33]. Escaping from Cat-Man's deathtrap, Batman and Catwoman would track Cat-Man to Greece where he is attempting to give the urns to a collector of Egyptian artifacts. In a battle against Cat-Man, the villain and the urn of Egyptian herbs are seemingly destroyed in a geyser when pushed in by Catwoman. Because she held Cat-Man's cape, during the destruction of their foe and cure, Catwoman is seemingly cured having somehow absorbed the "nine-lives" property of Cat-Man's costume[34]. Following her recovery in the hospital, she would leave Gotham City to sort herself out, upset at Bruce Wayne for being unable to trust her[35]. Making up her mind to return to Batman, she would walk in on the Dark Knight just as Talia al Ghul has forced a kiss upon him, causing her to storm out on him[36].

Striking out on her own, Catwoman would get caught up in the Karlyle Krugerrand, and foils his plot of using the Gotham City power station as a means of mutating people into warriors, she would defeat Krugerrand and correctly deduce a connection between him and Talia al Ghul[37]. Investigating things further, with the help of Robin and on a tip from Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman and the Boy Wonder travel to China. There their investigation leads to them being captured by Chin Ho a villain furious over Catwoman's previous meddling in his drug trade, who threatens to inject them both with a lethal dose of Cocaine[38]. The two are rescued by Batman, only to be captured by Talia and her father Ra's al Ghul, who give the trio an ultimatum: join them in immortality or die[39]. Batman would eventually defeat Ra's al Ghul in battle, freeing himself, Robin and Catwoman, while Ra's al Ghul would seemingly perish[40].

Catwoman would next ask Batman to track down her sister, who had escaped from prison, a quest that would lead to Batman being encountering the Swamp Thing[1]. After aiding Batman in his battle against the Manikin[41] she would be captured by a man who believes himself the reincarnation of an ancient pharaoh, while also believing that Selina is the reincarnation of his bride, Batman would travel to Egypt to rescue her[42]. Surviving his brush with death, Cat-Man would go after Batman and Catwoman for revenge as he blames them for his face being scarred during their last encounter, the pair would once more defeat their foe[43].

Going solo again, Catwoman would investigate the disappearances of passengers who ride the Gotham City/Chicago line that mysteriously vanish[44], but soon learns that this is all a ruse orchestrated by an Ex-Nazi, seeing revenge against Catwoman for her father's killing of his father[45]. Next hired by a union president Daniel Brown as his bodyguard, Catwoman fails to stop an assassination attempt when she is distracted battling bikers[46]. The attempt fails to kill him, but puts Daniel Brown in a wheelchair, however later she uses this vulnerability to force out his attacker and capture him[47]. Later, when waking up in the hotel room of a murdered woman, Catwoman would post as the woman in order to expose her killers[48]. Selina would also get caught up in a case of mistaken identity when loan shark as Candy Carole, a woman with a considerable stash of money[49]. Meeting up with an old member of her gang, Selina turns him in when she learns he is involved in a crime[50].

Returning to Batman, Selina learns that during her absence Bruce has started a relationship with reporter Vicky Vale, and would attack the couple[51][52]. However, grudges would be forgotten when Catwoman would help Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Talia against a Batman's greatest foes[53].

Second Come Back and Crisis on Infinite Earths

Catwoman would disappear for a few years before stating a comeback in Gotham City, helping Batman defeat the terrorist Darkwolf[54][55].

During the event that would eventually be dubbed Crisis on Infinite Earths, where the conflict causes a red rain to fall in Gotham, Batman would be aided by Catwoman against Nocturna and Night-Slayer[56][57], however while battling the two villains with Batman and Robin, Catwoman would be struck by lightning[58]. While aiding the injured Catwoman, the two realize that they still love each other[59] and work together with Robin to defeat Night-Slayer and Nocturna, the latter seemingly slain when stabbed by her partner[60]. As the crisis became more serious with the sacrifice of the Monitor to save the multiverse, Selina would be one of the many costumed heroes and villains gathered by Harbringer and Alexander Luthor who were rallying allies to help them save the multiverse from the Anti-Monitor[61].

Catwoman would continue to have adventure on Earth-One, as Batman and Catwoman would go on a night on the town, which would eventually lead to fighting criminals[62], team up with Green Arrow and Black Canary to take down a corrupt corporation[63]. With their romance continuing to bloom, Batman would send Robin out on a case with Catwoman hoping the two would learn to bond[64]. She would work with Batman, Robin and Harvey Bullock against the Film Freak[65][66][67]. She would next aid Batman and Robin against an escaped Two-Face[68][69][70][71]. Catwoman would also aid Batman in tracking down and capturing an axe murderer[72][73].

In her last recorded adventure, Catwoman aided Batman against a combination of his greatest foes[74]. Following this adventure, the aftermath of Crisis on Infinite Earth's would come to fruition, combining the surviving multiverse into one consistent universe. The Catwoman of Earth-One would be erased from history and replaced with a new version of Selina Kyle.



  • Cat-o-nine tails: A powerful whip used by Catwoman while in combat.



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