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Quote1 Don't forget who you're trying to protect. You're up there, seeing the big picture, trying to stop people dying. And, sure, we can all agree that wars are bad. But I see things from a different perspective. Millions of people-- millions -- have lost their homes in America. They are the victims of a savage attack by greedy corporations and banks.
While you're looking to help all of those war refugees out there, remember all of the displaced people right here at hone. Don't forget them.
-- Selina Kyle src

Injustice: Year One

Selina appears as one of the first Insurgents to aid Batman in his fight against Superman. She recruits Black Canary to the cause as well. She supports Batman and acts as a confidant, but is still uneasy that he refuses to tell her some things, namely how Bruce knew Hawkgirl's whereabouts when they kidnapped her.

Catwoman later helps disperse a mob of cultists that Superman had inadvertently created after saving Earth from countless Parademons from Apokolips.

When Batman details his plan to infiltrate the Fortress of Solitude and take one of the Super-Pills, Selina is among the Insurgents to go with him, including Captain Atom, Green Arrow and Black Canary. When Green Arrow becomes separated from the other Insurgents after the ceiling caves in, Selina tries to convince Dinah that they need to leave in case Superman comes back.

After both Nathaniel and Oliver have died and the remaining Insurgents return to the Insurgency Base, Selina attempts to convince Bruce not to go to the Batcave, for fear of Superman's heading there to kill Bruce. In response, Bruce kisses Selina and uses a sleeping gas to subdue her.

Injustice: Year Two

Catwoman serves as a member of Oracle's new Birds of Prey in order to mount a resistance in Gotham City after Superman sent his soldiers there.

When the Insurgency/GCPD strike force attacks the Hall of Justice, Catwoman disguises as one of the Regime soldiers. After Harley Quinn detonates a bomb to destroy the entrance to the hall and allow the strike force inside, Selina is flung into the structure but is rescued by The Flash. However, she injects a drug into his neck which knocks him unconscious. She is then confronted by Robin, who attempts to unsettle her with snide remarks about Bruce and the rest of the Insurgents. She defeats Robin, and takes him to a secure location in the Tower of Fate.

Injustice: Year Three

Catwoman continues her membership in the Insurgency and aids Batman alongside the former Birds of Prey and magicians of the Insurgency.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Catwoman first appears to the alternate Cyborg who is masquerading as his Regime counterpart. When she finds out that he is not the Cyborg she knows, they fight and Selina is defeated.

Later, Selina and Damian Wayne attack the Insurgent Batman and alternate Green Arrow. Selina asks for forgiveness for abandoning Bruce's cause, and that she did what she felt was right in order to save Bruce. But he disregards her pleas, as that doesn't excuse her for the fates of the people that took his place. The Cat and Bat fight, and Batman emerges triumphant.


At last, Superman had paid for what he had done to Catwoman. Feigning allegiance to his Regime had cost Selina her beloved Batman and her best chance at happiness.

Pride and anger kept her from attempting reconciliation with Bruce Wayne. But his inspiring reconstruction of Gotham and Metropolis fostered in her a desire to remain close to him. Until she was ready to approach him again, she did her part to keep Gotham's streets clear of crime. Nascent underworld organizations had both the the Bat and the Cat to fear.






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