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Selina Kyle is Catwoman, a Gotham City thief who has crossed paths with Batman on several occasions. She is also the daughter of crime boss Rex "The Lion" Calabrese, and heiress to his crime family.


Selina and her brother Aiden were separated into different foster homes after their father was imprisoned. She ended up in Oliver's Group Home, where Miss Oliver taught the children in her care to steal for her. After getting caught stealing, years later, she was hired at the Mayor's Office, and used her clearance to look at her own file in the hopes of finding her brother. Instead, she discovered that her identity was not what she thought it was, and when she pursued it, someone shoved her off a roof to keep her from the truth. She survived, realizing that she must have been someone important enough to want dead. Months later, after deciding to become Catwoman, she learned that the files she'd seen were wiped in the interim.[1]

The Game

After five years of thieving as Catwoman, Selina ran afoul of enough people that her apartment was found out and blown up. This required her to seek shelter with her fence and old friend Lola MacIntire, along with a new job.[2] In between trysts with the Batman, with whom she had a love-hate relationship, Catwoman attempted an art theft, but upon her return to Lola's apartment, she found her friend had been murdered by Bone.[3] She attempted to get revenge, but Batman intervened. Dejected, she returned to Lola's apartment, burned all evidence linking her real identity to her friend, and resolved not to let herself get too attached to anyone again. Unfortunately, the police caught her doing it.[4] Fortunately, though, Selina escaped.

At Lola's funeral, she encountered her old friend Gwen Altamont - another fence. Much as she enjoyed seeing her again, she didn't want Gwen to face the same fate by allying with her.[5] While trying to steal the money from a large drug deal, Catwoman garnered the attention of Det. Carlos Alvarez of the Gotham City Police Department, who met resistance from his superiors in his attempts to link her to certain robberies. When the police intercepted her sooner than expected and arrested her, Selina deduced that they were behind the drug deal.[6] Alvarez discovered that his corrupt coworkers were torturing Selina in secret, and allowed her to go free, after which she reluctantly went to Gwen for help.[7]


While Catwoman took jobs stealing cars for Gwen, encountering a metahuman named Spark in the process, someone began kidnapping prostitutes from her neighbourhood.[8] Partnered with Spark, Selina took a job to steal a set of five rare daggers, but found only four of them, suspecting the fifth might be in the Penguin's possession. While preparing to steal it from him, she witnessed one of the kidnappings and thwarted it, promising the local prostitutes she would find their friends - after getting the fifth dagger.[9] Catwoman and Spark attempted to steal the dagger on the Night of the Owls, unaware that the daggers all had belonged to a Talon of the Court of Owls, who had himself been revived and sent to assassinate the Penguin. Catwoman saved the Penguin's life and recovered the fifth dagger, but having taken pity on the Talon who was killed, she left both the corpse and his knives at the GCPD Headquarters and left with only a promise of reward from the Penguin.[10]

After a failed attempt to stop the kidnapper in the act, Selina turned to Det. Carlos Alvarez for help, despite the fact that he had been trying to catch her - but because he was the only clean cop she knew. Unbeknownst to her, though, Spark had made an alliance of his own with the crooked cops on the force.[11] Alvarez later used Catwoman's data to discover that the kidnappings had a pattern, and so he, Catwoman, and Spark each waited at one of three locations where the kidnapper might strike next. Spark and Catwoman were both duped by distractions, leaving Alvarez to face the kidnapper alone.[12] After ensuring that Batman would have a way to track her, Selina tracked Alvarez' own GPS signal to a mansion, where Matilda Mathis - calling herself Dollhouse - had been keeping her victims and harvesting their organs before turning them into lifelike dolls. Batman soon interrupted their fight, allowing both Catwoman and Mathis to escape, while seeing the victims and Alvarez rescued. The experience made Selina question her fitness for vigilantism, especially given Spark's discouragement, as he had been romancing her. The Penguin, though, had tipped off Gwen to Spark's relationship with the crooked police, and she killed him to remove his bad influence.[13]

The Black Diamond Probability

After a puzzling run-in with the Joker,[14] Selina received a new job from Trip Winter, to steal the contents of a safe in A.R.G.U.S.' Black Room. Disguising herself as a cartologist, Selina gained access to the room, presenting a special map of skin to a scientist named Darwin assigned to the room, who warned that if the map got close to a certain black diamond, all hell might break loose. Charmed by her, Darwun helped her open the safe to reveal the black diamond inside it.[15] The diamond began controlling Selina's actions, and her contact with it woke many of the mystical objects in the room. Things became worse when the diamond and the map made contact. Recovering enough sense to try to escape the magic in the room, Selina and Darwin stole the Haunted Tank and bashed through the Black Room's doors. Before long, she returned to Trip and passed off the diamond, warning him not to give her any more creepy jobs like that one.[16]

Later, Catwoman thwarted the Rat-Tail gang's drug deal in her neighbourhood, warning the dealers to stay away from kids. When she later attempted an art theft at a museum that she and Gwen had planned, she encountered one of the dealers trying to pull a job at the same time. She tried to question him, but he knew nothing. He was, in fact, working for the Penguin, though. Gwen, meanwhile, had been detained by Alvarez and his new partner Tammy Keyes, preventing her from acting as getaway driver.[17] When she learned that her client for the stolen artwork didn't want to sell them, she regretted her decision, knowing that Batman had loved the paintings and would be on her trail soon. Their encounter was made more emotional by the death of Batman's son, and she returned the paintings. Gwen, meanwhile, used connections to get out of police custody, and Selina later snuck into the police station to spy on Alvarez, where she met Rat-Tail, leader of the Rat-Tail gang, and struck up an alliance with him.[18]

The Justice League of America: World's Most Dangerous

When Amanda Waller decided that there needed to be a new Justice League of America to act as a counter-balance to the Justice League, Steve Trevor suggested that Catwoman be included on that team. He located her and convinced her to join by promising that he would give her the name of a woman who had stolen her identity.[19] She was, however, required to remain an unofficial member of the team, due to her criminal record. With the team, she went to the Kielder Forest, in search of the Secret Society.[20] Their arrival was anticipated, however, so Steve devised a plan to use Selina as bait for the Society to recruit her.[21]

Staging a robbery and her capture, the JLA saw Catwoman incarcerated at Arkham Asylum. Subsequently, she escaped, but was caught again by the police.[22] Her actions, though, earned her an audience with the Society.[23] However, not long after her arrest, she switched places with the Martian Manhunter, who allowed the Society to think they had killed her. Though the mission was a bust, the JLA gained insight into the Society's motivations and power.[24]

Gotham Underground

Afterwards, Selina decided to rob the Cobblepot Family crypt, drawing the ire of the Penguin, who declared war on her, drawing the Rat-Tail gang she had allied with into the conflict.[25] He further took Gwen Altamont prisoner and attempted to get Catwoman's real name out of her.[26] Sensing that Rat-Tail himself might be the only person he could kill to get to her, the Penguin attacked him, causing a sinkhole in the Badlands neighbourhood, which Catwoman decided to enter in search of him, aided by technology provided by inventor Alice Tesla. While in the Gotham Underground Catwoman ran afoul of Doctor Phosphorus, who had named himself king of a colony called Charneltown. To repay him for letting her live, Selina took a job spying in a neutral zone to see if a rival colony called the Warhogs were violating a treaty. He required her to present the Warhogs a peace offering of his daughter's hand in marriage.[27]

Catwoman and Phosphorus' daughter were captured by the Warhogs, who had been developing a biotoxin to release on the world above them. They refused Phosphorus' offer, and before leaving, Catwoman stole the biotoxin to prevent it from being used. She warned Phosphorus' daughter that he had never intended them to survive the negotiation.[28] They were soon attacked by the Joker's Daughter, who had taken control of a flooded region of the Underground called the Nethers, and took Phosphorus' daughter captive, leaving Selina to die. Fortunately, she survived, and soon ran into Rat-Tail, who had survived the attack by the Penguin after all. Alice, meanwhile, discovered that a diamond Selina had stolen had come from a place in the Underground called Rock Bottom, where lava had mixed with water to become diamonds when placed in the hands of Dr. Phosphorus. However, those diamonds had a flaw which made them explosive. Alice was caught in a blast from the one she was examining, while the Joker's daughter unleashed a flood in the Underground that carried Catwoman and Rat-Tail to Rock Bottom.[29] Alice survived by a stroke of luck, and Catwoman decided that the best thing to do would be to bury the diamond mine at Rock Bottom by using the explosive properties of the diamonds within. Soon, the warring colonies of the Underground converged on Rock Bottom, just as the explosion triggered and Rat-Tail and Catwoman escaped to the surface leaving the others to perish or survive as they would.[30]

Forever Evil

After witnessing the death of Dr. Light at the hands of Superman, Catwoman followed her heart and joined Batman in his search for a scientific explanation that would exonerate his friend. This search led to the discovery that Pandora's Box was a gateway between universes, and the attack by the Crime Syndicate - which only she and Batman managed to escape intact.[31] Together, she and Batman brought the human remains of Victor Stone to his father at the Red Room for repair[32] - a trip that was the only thing that saved them from being trapped in the Firestorm Matrix with the rest of the Leagues. While there, they witnessed the Syndicate's broadcast revealing the identity of Nightwing. Batman felt responsible, and Selina accompanied him to search for his friend.[33] To that end, he took her for the first time into the Batcave, where she hoped he would connect with her. He responded that everyone - like Nightwing - suffered for getting close to him. He revealed that he'd been keeping weapons in the cave, designed to take down the other members of the Justice League, if ever there was a need. He hoped they could be used against the Crime Syndicate.[34] While searching for supplies, they encountered Lex Luthor and his followers, and reluctantly allied with him in a plan to save the world and Nightwing.[35]

They discovered Nightwing in the ruins of the Justice League Satellite, trapped in a machine designed to kill everyone unless he was killed. Luthor, naturally, attempted to kill Nightwing, and Catwoman and Batman struggled to prevent this, ultimately failing.[36] Lex, however, soon restarted Nightwing's heart, reviving him. Together, Selina and Batman carried Nightwing away while Luthor faced the Syndicate, in the hopes of rescuing the rest of the League. After Batman successfully saved the League and Luthor successfully subdued the Syndicate, Selina confronted Batman, suggesting that they follow through on the promise of their relationship. He refused, however, and she left him in anger.[37] Following these events, Catwoman abandoned the Justice League of America - which had all but disbanded already - and broke into her A.R.G.U.S. file, replacing it with junk information so that she could get a clean slate.[38]


The Scarecrow attacked Gotham with a gas that made everyone believe that the city had become a utopia, protected by the Batman and his sidekick, Catbird. However, Batman's will allowed him to have glimpses through the delusion. A component of the toxin caused victims to rebel against the truth, and as such, Selina had Batman committed to Arkham for treatment, assuming he was the crazy one.[39] Those few who also saw through the illusion began to see question their own sanity, and the city suffered a rash of suicides as a result, though the crime rate had gone down. Selina decided to help by volunteering with the GCPD for a suicide hot-line. Despite evidence in her home of her own history as Catwoman, she pushed doubts from her mind, despite dreams of the real Catwoman trying to force her to see the truth. She was wakened by an attack on her by a man called Steeljacket, who also challenged her to see through the lie of Gothtopia.[40]

Between shifts at the hot-line, Selina visited Batman at Arkham and begged him to fall back into the delusion so that he could avoid suffering brain surgery at the hands of Dr. Valentin. Batman, however, had convinced himself of the truth.[41] In the meantime, Selina looked into Steeljacket and discovered his real identity, tracking him down. He explained that the suit he'd been wearing was keeping him alive, and he needed her thievery skills to get him the money to repair it. Though she still hadn't bought into the truth, she agreed to meet him later. That night, as Catwoman, she recklessly committed robberies in full view of the police, and received little attention for it, because they too were deluded. Soon after, her resistance to the toxin faded, and she vowed to stop her own crime spree as Catbird. After returning home, the evidence of her double life became overwhelming, and she settled on being Catwoman - which drew the unwanted a violent attentions of Batman's confused allies. After narrowly surviving their beatings, Selina resolved never to fall so easily for the illusion of happiness. Instead of returning to her old life, she shredded her catsuit, and resolved to put her efforts into her job at the call centre instead of either of Catbird or Catwoman.[42] After Batman managed to free the city from the Scarecrow's toxin, Catwoman caught up with him, reminding of how they had shared both a partnership and a romantic relationship. Despite the fact that the toxin had shown them both what they wanted to see, his denial soured her.[43]

Race of Thieves

Tiring of seeing her life ruined by her role as Catwoman, Selina burned her catsuit. Soon, while exercising at the gym, she encountered her old flame Trip Winter. Their encounter was brief, but later, she discovered an invitation had been slipped into her handbag by him. Knowing it would be a heist of some kind, she resisted the temptation to continue her job at the GCPD's suicide hotline. She was surprised to receive a call from her friend Gwen. Rushing to ensure that Gwen didn't do anything rash, she found her alright, but begging for forgiveness for betraying her to the Penguin. Selina, having changed, was glad to forgive. Gwen spotted the invitation, though, and her influence convinced Selina to investigate it in a replacement catsuit. The event was an international Race of Thieves, hosted by Roulette, and she forced the contestants to participate either out of greed or out of concern for children she'd placed in danger.[44]

Roulette assigned them to rob the 200 year old Viceroy Manor, where an archaeological dig was taking place, as Rita, a descendant of the Viceroy family, hoped to find new evidence in the murder case that had seen her family name disgraced. Selina hoped to get close to a dirty cop and get her sights on evidence that came through. Manipulating Gillbrite into giving her a manifest of items, Catwoman allowed her rivals in the race to steal priceless artifacts from the site while she stole a set of love letters she believed were the real prize in the race. Upon delivering them to Roulette, she was proved right, and was declared winner of that round. She then returned the letters to Rita Viceroy and Gillbrite.[45]

While following up on the investigation, Selina discovered that the motive for the Viceroy murders was likely an illegitimate child - who, she later discovered, was likely somehow related to Hunt Stone, whose son was one of Roulette's hostages used to blackmail Selina into joining the race in the first place. She also learned that Gillbrite was hired by Roulette.[46] Selina realized that Roulette had played her, and manipulated her perception of what was real and what wasn't. Stone had never been a victim. He had arranged it so that he could burn evidence implicating his ancestors in the Viceroy murder. Selina had already discovered, though, that he was the illegitimate child, and therefore the rightful heir to the Viceroy fortune - the evidence of which, he had just destroyed. In exchange for her silence on the matter, he gave up Roulette's location. Learning that Roulette was obsessive compulsive, Selina began systematically sabotaging every aspect of her strictly regimented and planned out day, and did not reveal her responsibility until the end, warning Roulette to declare her the winner.[47]

Batman Eternal

After a train crash was apparently caused by Commissioner Gordon, Batman investigated the scene and discovered and revealed to Catwoman that the man whom Jim had chased down into the subway system and fired his gun at was actually a thug who had once worked for Carmine Falcone - and his return to town could only mean that Falcone had also returned to Gotham.[48] Later, as a crime war began developing between Falcone and The Penguin, Catwoman began investigating disappearances of citizens of the Gotham Underground, and believed the Penguin was responsible. When she confronted him, though, he claimed to be innocent. His casino was soon after attacked, and she and Batman spent the rest of their night saving lives - including the Penguin's.[49]

Having had his operations thwarted by Catwoman, Falcone called on the corrupt new interim Commissioner Forbes to make catching her a top priority. Before long, she was captured.[50] She had run afoul of Falcone five years earlier, and he had not forgotten it - or the scars she gave him. She was rescued from him by Professor Pyg, who sought revenge on the Roman for a different slight, but he didn't intend on letting her go. Fortunately, Batman arrived, but he was forced to let Pyg escape in order to stop Selina from killing Falcone. After getting away, she explained to Batman that she'd learned from Falcone that he was sent to Gotham by someone else - an even bigger fish.[51]

While visiting the grave of her late friend Lola MacIntire, Selina discovered a letter from her estranged father resting on it. He claimed to love her, and wished the best for her, but in response, she burned the letter, insisting to herself that she had no need of a father.[52] Sometime later, while trying - and failing - to stop a deal to sell a baby snow leopard for its fur, Selina was located by a street kid named Jade, who - at the request of Selina's father - had come to escort her to Blackgate Penitentiary for a meeting. Her father was, in fact, Rex "The Lion" Calabrese - the crime boss from whom Falcone had taken power. Selina was, therefore, the heir to the Calabrese Crime Family. After hearing out his plea for her to take up her birthright, Selina returned Jade to Dr. Leslie Thompkins' clinic, asking her to take care of the girl as she had taken care of her, years ago.[53]

After seeing Jade housed with her uncle Drago - a criminal in his own right - Catwoman and Batman sought information on Hush. However, Catwoman sabotaged Batman's plans, playing the rival gangs - some of which belonged to Ibanescu - against each other for the sake of controlled chaos. This move angered both Ibanescu and her old enemy Louis Ferryman, who decided to use Jade to find Selina.[54] Ferryman intended to get his revenge on her in front of a room full of people - including Jade, whom Killer Croc had simultaneously tracked to the location, having been seeking her for some time. As Killer Croc burst into the building, Catwoman had Jade untie her, but Ferryman insisted that Ibanescu - who had become rusty with a gun - shoot Catwoman before she could escape. In the confusion, Ibanescu shot Jade instead. Batman arrived on the scene too late, finding both Croc and Selina traumatized by the girl's death. After pushing him away, Catwoman returned to Blackgate to ask for his guidance in uniting the crime families under her banner.[55]

Along with leadership of the Calabrese Family came ownership of the Egyptian Nightclub - the legal front for her family's income, which she found somewhat boring. Having learned about a group of Arkham escapees still on the loose, Catwoman told Batman what she knew about them as a means of demonstrating her good intentions, despite heading up a crime family.[56] Without his knowledge, she then made a deal with Poison Ivy to render those inmates impotent, as a show of her power to the other Gotham families.[57] Despite her efforts, some of them were captured by corrupt police en route to Blackgate, and a meeting to which Selina herself was invited saw them all offered weapons, stolen from the Batman's caches.[58] Refusing the offer, Selina got back into her car, only for it to explode. Fortunately, she had anticipated this, and faked her own death, escaping in a car with her new ally, Killer Croc. Alerted, though, by the weapons deal, she decided to research high bounties in Gotham, and was tipped onto Stephanie Brown.[59] Before long, Selina found and kidnapped her.[60]

With Stephanie in captivity, Selina demanded to know all that she knew, for the good of the city. Stephanie wouldn't tell her anything, though, and soon Batman and Bluebird had infiltrated the Egyptian. Rather than fight him, Selina offered the choice to Stephanie: go back on the streets and fend for herself, or talk to Batman.[61]

Meanwhile, Selina had noticed some unusual shipments coming in on the docks and confronted her father at Blackgate, assuming he was working behind her back. After looking at the manifests with her, he realized that someone else had been arranging shipments that were essentially providing gifts to some of Gotham's worst criminals.[62] Worriedly, Selina passed off this information to Julia Pennyworth, in Batman's absence.[63]

While Batman was captured by his nemesis, Lincoln March, the crime families all received invitations to carve out pieces of the city for themselves in the new order. Selina, head of the united families, refused to allow any of them to make a move.[64] Rioting broke out across the city, and Selina insisted that her people help prevent the riots - while secretly making strategic thefts to further her causes. After finally defeating March, Batman discovered that she was calling him with a makeshift Bat-Signal, and though he knew she was involved in thefts during the riots, he answered it, if only to tell her that their relationship was over. With a smirk, she responded that she'd decided it was over long before he had.[65]

Keeper of the Castle

Some time after Batman Eternal, Selina stopped wearing her Catwoman costume as she had passed it on to Eiko Hasigawa the heir to the rival Hasigawa family.[66] The two would often encounter each other and would discuses their respective dilemmas such as Selena's plans for both Gotham City and the crime families. During one of their encounters Selena and Eiko would kiss each other which symbolized the start of their romantic relationship.

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