Seth Nelson was a Smallville High student, with a crush on Lana Lang. In 2003, Seth worked at the County Fair, where he gave away a price to Lana, despite losing. This act enraged another patron, whom Seth got into a fight with. The guy hit Seth in the head with a snow globe, that happened to contain meteor rocks. Seth was taken to hospital, where he was placed in the MRI. However, the combination of meteor rock in his system and the magnetic field of the MRI reacted to each other, causing Seth to develop an ability to control metal.

He soon discovered that metal wasn't the only thing that he could manipulate. Whenever Lana made physical contact with him, Seth was able to affect her behavior. Causing her to fall for him. Seth planned to run away from Smallville with Lana, but the two were stopped by Clark Kent. With the sheriff arriving at the scene, due to Lana robbing the Talon to finance their journey, Seth fled and left Lana to be arrested.

However, Seth soon broke Lana out of the jail and they ran back to the fair, where Seth was confronted by Clark. The two fought until Seth was electrocuted. Placing him in a coma. It's unknown if he ever recovered.


  • Seth Nelson was played by Kevin Zegers.



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