A man shunned by society and stricken with poverty, the maddened Sewer King decided to live in the Gotham City sewers. His real name unknown, he was quickly able to adapt to sewer life and actually train some select alligators as his pets.

An exceptionally cruel and heartless villain, Sewer King began kidnapping young orphans, enslaving them as his personal workforce. Although he frequently struck his youthful charges with silence and abuse, the former often claimed he was doing them a favor by giving them "homes", "food", and a "place to rest". Sewing, manual labor, and petty theft were among the tasks demanded of the children, who wore green cloaks to hide their identities and shield them from light when they went about their activities.

As the children's eyes had become acclimated top the darkness, the Sewer King used light to punish them for any minor offense. Offenses included failure to return home punctually and talking. Additionally, his crocodiles patrolled the area, preventing any visitors from straying into his underground realm.

Batman soon encountered some of Sewer King's orphans as they stole in Gotham City. He saved one and soon learned that the boy was only one of the many forgotten runaways who were forced to serve the evil despot. Infuriated, the Dark Knight marched on Sewer King's underground society, dismantling it and toppling the madman. In a rare display of rage, Batman contemplated killing his opponent, although he finally made the more prudent decision to spare his life.


  • Animal Training: The Sewer King commands an army of alligators that obey him and won't hurt him despite their aggressive nature.



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