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Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion Vol 1 6


Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion Vol 1 6

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"Last Day: Air": Lt. Johnny Cloud and the 405th finally successfully air-drop supplies to Easy Company. The Nazis, always ones to play fair, de

Quote1 Make war, no more. Quote2
-- Sgt. Rock

Appearing in "Last Day: Air"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Colonel Paul Marquardt

Other Characters:

  • Lt. Martin J. Higgins
  • Lt. Johnny Cloud
  • Capitaine Jacques Tourneur
  • William Joseph Kilroy, Up Front Magazine
  • 442nd Regimental Combat Team
  • 3rd Battalion
  • “Item Company”
  • Sgt. Hiko Asumo
  • Mutt Ishikawa


  • Hills of Foret du Champ
  • Le Trapin Des Saules “Zee Trap of Zee Willows”



  • Thunderbolt airplanes

Synopsis for "Last Day: Air"

Lt. Johnny Cloud and the 405th finally successfully air-drop supplies to Easy Company. The Nazis, always ones to play fair, decide that now is the time to attack! The last eight surviving members of “I Company” arrive just in time to assist Easy in the fight. They hold out just long enough for hundreds of Japanese-American soldiers of the 442nd RTC to come into combat and take control. The Nazi’s surrender, and William Joseph Kilroy, of “Up Front Magazine” decides he should tag the Nazi Colonel’s Tiger tank before departing: “Kilroy was here! * The “other” one.”

As things wrap-up, Easy Co. gets a pleasant surprise - Tag Along, whom they thought dead, shows up! Apparently, after Easy Co. got ambushed, he got lost.


This story takes place Sunday, October 29, 1944 to Monday, October 30, 1944


Another great quote: "Dammit! I’m done sittin’ around and getting’ the hell kicked out of me by them dirty, cold-blooded, sore-headed, stinkin’ Hun sons a’ bitches!" - Lt. (Martin J. Higgins?)

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