A villainess and outright sadist of her reality, The Shade was forcefully drafted by Monarch in his search for a strike team in his war against the Monitors, and was among the Shades/Nightshades to be the first combatants in Monarch's Arena battles to face against each other. The Shade was the first to attack her counterparts, Nightshade (Earth-4) and Eve of Shadows (Earth-13), killing the former by manipulating her powers against her, turning into shadow creatures to dismember her limbs.

As The Shade was about to kill Eve of Shadows, her counterpart took the advantage into bringing themselves into the Shadowlands where Eve of Shadows easily kill her via decapitation.


  • Though The Shade's world is unspecified, it is likely that she is a female version of Shade from the gender-reversed world of Earth-11.