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Shado is an enemy, ally, and lover to Green Arrow. Her father was a member of the Yakuza, and she became a bow-wielding assassin to avenge her parents. Despite her selfish motivations, she has teamed up with
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Yao Fei (father, deceased)
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Dragon tattoo on her shoulder
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Appearance of Death


Shado is Yao Fei's daughter. A lawyer by trade, when her father was first imprisoned, she attempted to secure his release through legal means. When she learned that he was on the run in Lian Yu, Shado attempted to mount a rescue mission, but was kidnapped by Edward Fyers, who uses her to blackmail Yao into working for him.

After spending much time with Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson on a deserted island, Shado is captured by Professor Ivo. Wanting his enemy Oliver Queen to suffer, Ivo points a gun at both Shado and Queen's friend Sarah Lance. Ivo forces Queen to choose which one lives and which dies. Queen initially refuses but just as Ivo is about to shoot both Oliver chooses Sara at the last moment, Ivo then shoots and kills Shado.

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  • Shado is played by actress Celina Jade.
  • This was the first live-action appearance of Shado. It was also her first appearance outside of the mainstream comic books.


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