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Shadow Thief is the son of a US Army solider sent to guard the original Atom of Earth-9. When the Atom decided he was done being a captive and wanted to take out Cuba, he killed Shadow Thief's father in his escape and accidentally set off a nuclear holocaust.

The government painted the Atom as a hero but the son of Sergeant Gray knew the true secret and turned to crime. He became known as the Shadow Thief. Because his father was exposed to quite of bit of radiation watching the original Atom, the Shadow Thief developed glowing yellow eyes.

He formed a group called the Fatal Five. Under his guidance, the Shadow Thief got revenge on the original Atom by killing his predecessor and son, the Atom II. The original Atom never went after the Shadow Thief because of the information that he knew about the day his father was murdered.

The Shadow Thief and the Fatal Five enjoyed a period of safety until the third Atom, Adam Thompson, took up the mantle and hunted the criminals down for murdering his father. He caught all of them but the Shadow Thief, who escaped using a stolen teleporter system. Shadow Thief used this time to try to take out the confused Atom and his grandfather with hijacked nuclear missiles but they escaped. The new Atom wanted to take him in but Shadow Thief threatened to expose them all. The Atom didn't care and the Shadow Thief went to jail.

His current status is unknown because of the Reign of the Superman.


Stolen Teleportation System



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