Quote1 Surprised to see me? You shouldn't be. You can never truly escape me. Quote2
-- Shadow Walker src

Shadow Walker is described as the first person that Harvest recruited for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. He was among the key torturers of the children held within the Colony, and due to his vampiric abilities likely a key assassin for Harvest as well. Shadow Walker also used a piece of his dark entity as a tracking device for subjects of the Colony.

It was these pieces of himself that would eventually be the Shadow Walker's undoing. As he was tasked to track down Caitlin Fairchild and Beast Boy, he found Lightning and Thunder. However, when cornered and forced to survive, Lightning electrified the portion of the Shadow Lord used to track her, subsequently causing the sadistic henchman to seemingly obliterate.[1]


  • Darkness Manipulation: Shadow Walker was able to create several long tendrils of dark, elastic extensions of his body, which he referred to as his 'shadow'. He was able to actually detach portions of himself to use as a tracking beacon. This discharge is depicted as being dark and gooey.
  • Vampirism: In addition to being able to use his "shadow" to restrict his victims, Shadow Walker's shadow had vampiric qualities, draining life energy from his victims and leaving them lifeless husks. He claimed to be able to "taste" people via this method, and implied that he used to drain at least some energy from victims of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.


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