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"Death in a Small Town": The Present:

Quote1 I should've gone to Mexico with the boys on the demon-hunting job. I wouldn't be much help, but it beats doing nothing. Boredom and inactivity is what led to my fifty-year drunk in the first place. Quote2
-- Detective Chimp

Appearing in "Death in a Small Town"

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Synopsis for "Death in a Small Town"

The Present:
Superman discovers a large globe of pure hemoglobin surrounding the small suburban town of Riverrock, Wyoming. Green Lantern and the Phantom Stranger arrive to assist Superman, but are thus far unable to penetrate the bubble. The Phantom Stranger informs the other heroes that the Shadowpact disappeared into the bubble over a year ago.

One Year Ago:
Inside Riverrock, an evil group of villains known as the Pentacle hold the entire town hostage. The Pentacle's leader, Strega, demands that the community give up select individuals as part of a human sacrifice.

The Phantom Stranger sends an astral projection of himself to the various members of the Shadowpact, enlisting their aid in investigating this mystery. With the Stranger's help, they succeed in piercing the barrier and begin investigating the town. Almost immediately, Nightshade runs afoul of Pentacle member, Sister Shadow.



Valda 04


  • Ragman suggests that Blue Devil should keep his horns filed back, "like that red guy in the movies." The red guy in question is the Mike Mignola character, Hellboy. Although Ragman is speaking specifically of the Hellboy movie, the character originated from a creator-owned limited series published by Dark Horse Comics.
  • Valda's T-Shirt reads "Charlie Magnus Rocks". "Charlie Magnus" was the Anglicized name of Charlemagne, who was King of the Franks. Valda is originally from that period.

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