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"The Laws of Battle": Ragman and Enchantress have been transformed into hellhounds, and Blue Devil and Nightshade have brought them back to the Oblivion Barto find out what happened.

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Synopsis for "The Laws of Battle"

Ragman and Enchantress have been transformed into hellhounds, and Blue Devil and Nightshade have brought them back to the Oblivion Barto find out what happened. Detective Chimp identifies them as his teammates, but Enchantress, the only one who could undo the enchantment, cannot while enchanted. Ragman asks if they can remove his collar at least, which turns out to be the key to enchantment, turning him back into a human, albeit naked and embarrassed. Nightshade takes Enchantress away to remove her collar, and Nightmaster calls the Gotham City Police. He tells them to remove the collars from the captured hellhounds - and the dead as well, in case only the transformed bodies were killed. This irritates Eddie Deacon, as he hadn't worked out how to use the phone. Rex the Wonder Dog asks Nightmaster for one of the hellhound collars.

The next evening in Gotham City, Rex puts on the collar. Blue Devil, Ragman and Nighshade see him off on his mission to infiltrate the pack, then go to Metropolis. While Blue Devil talks to his landlady, Ragman and Nightshade are attacked by the Congregation.

In the Oblivion, Nightmaster says that Shadowpact were too slow in Riverrock, and they need plan for action, tactics, everything. he sends D.C. to get what he needs from Deacon.

In Germany, Enchantress persuades Nightwitch to lend her the Herne-Ramsgate Cauldron as payment for some debt.

Back in Metropolis, Blue Devil joins the fight, relieving Nightshade long enough for her to contain the Congregation in a ball of darkness. The Congregation respond by blasting through it with a bright light (over thirty thousand lumens per square inch), knocking them down and blinding them.

In the Oblivion, Enchantress arrives, and gets the cauldron stuck in the door, much to Deacon's chagrin. She threatens to turn Deacon into a toad, and tells him to go away, unless he'll tell her where Nightmaster is. Nightmaster and D.C. come in, and tell her that they've compiled, with a nod to Isaac Asimov, the Three Universal Laws of Superheroics.


  • In Gotham, Blue Devil starts rhyming while he talks. This may be foreshadowing his upcoming demotion to the rhyming class.


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