Shadrack Hightower was a United States Senator in the late 1930s-early 1940s. He was known for his staunch opposition to communism and openly decried famed aviator Janos Prohaska for having ties to Joseph Stalin. What the general public at the time did not yet realize, was that Senator Hightower was secretly an agent of the S.S. He conspired with British turncoat Death Mayhew in the formation of the White Lions as well as helped him procure an atomic weapon, which Mayhew intended on dropping on New York City. In June of 1941, Hightower learned that Mayhew's target was the Empire State Building, and he cut ties with him and tried to leave the city. Mayhew, no longer requiring the Senator's services, had him shot to death inside of his own car. Mayhew's plan failed and he died in battle with Janos Prohaska. Following the near disaster, news of Senator Hightower's ties to the Third Reich became public knowledge, and Prohaska was exonerated of all charges levied against him by the Senator.



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