The man called Shame fancied himself a modern-day outlaw cowboy, and took himself very seriously. But he was far less intelligent than the majority of Batman's enemies.

In the first of his clashes with the Bat-Duo, his "death trap" for them consisted of tying them to stakes in the ground so that they would be trampled to their deaths by a herd of stampeding cattle. What he failed to count on was the vibrations from the stampeding hoofs jolting the stakes holding Batman's hands enough for the caped crusader to free his hands, then using his cape as though he were a matador (relying strictly on its motion for the purpose, since beef cattle are color-blind) to divert the herd in its stampede.

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Knowledge of techniques used by criminals and outlaws in the American West during its "wild" years.


Stupidity, cowardice.

Shame was portrayed by Cliff Robertson, who proposed the idea for the kind of character he wanted to play.

Stanley Ralph Ross told Joel Eisner, as "BatTalk" transcribed in The Official "Batman" Batbook, "A lot of the times the casting was not what we had imagined. I would read the scripts and find out that Cliff Robertson was playing the role of Shame. I would have loved to have seen it played by Clint Eastwood, and he was a television actor at that time."



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