Shayera and her husband Carter Hall, were cursed thousands of years ago so that they would live to see each other die lifetime after lifetime. In the 1970's, Carter and Shayera found their way back to each other, and became the super-hero duo of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. They would later join the Justice Society of America, where Carter was their leader and Shayera acted as his conscience, keeping his short temper in check. During a battle with the JSA's foe, the original Icicle killed Hawkgirl, which pushed Carter over the edge. He located her killer and placed him in a catatonic state. Almost immediately after, Carter and most of the other JSA members were taken into custody because of the organization known as Checkmate, but they eventually got off the hook, leaving Carter to mourn his deceased wife.

Several decades after the JSA were forced to disband because of the Checkmate agency, members of the old team were been targeted and murdered by the son of Icicle, Cameron Mahkent. When Clark Kent, Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan begin investigating deeper into the murders of the ex-JSA members, Clark encounters Doctor Fate who transports him to their headquarters/museum the old Brownstone, where he found all the old memorabilia belong to all the members of JSA team in which Carter has preserved in a glass case. Amongst them, he finds Shayera's old helmet, which is damaged, and her Thanagarian mace. Upon meeting Carter, Clark learns of Shayera's death at the hands of the original Icicle, and uses her memory to convince Carter to take up the mantle of Hawkman again.

Later Carter, under Clark's orders to keep an eye on Lois Lane, met with her in Egypt during an archeology dig. After listening to her go on about Clark's secret, he revealed to her that he was already aware of Clark's abilities and offered to listen to her troubles. Over drinks, Carter proceeded to tell Lois about his life-story of falling in love with Shayera, trying to make it sound as if the story was also mythology. However, due to their drinking, Carter hallucinated that Lois was his deceased wife and attempted to kissed her, for which he received a firm slap across the face and the threat of worse if he attempted it again. Before Lois left, Carter gave her a book that Shayera had written which told the story of their multiple lives together. Later on, Lois confronted Carter about the fact that his "story" was actually an autobiography. Lois was then saddened to learn that Carter's hallucination was in truth a vision, which meant that he would be with Shayera once again in death, so that they would be allowed to be reborn in a new life together. Carter then urged Lois to return to Clark, as she is the only one that can keep Clark purpose driven to fulfill his destiny as the world's greatest hero.

When Carter Hall died, he was buried next to Shayera in a tomb in Egypt.



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