"Sivana Comes on Strong!": Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel fly towards the two gigantic monsters who are Mister Mind. Mary gets there first and she tells Captain that the giants are not actually living beings,

Quote1 Well, well, well...we know a little secret about you, don't we? Quote2
-- Doctor Sivana

Appearing in "Sivana Comes on Strong!"

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  • The Monster Society of Evil
  • Lagreen

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  • SNN


Synopsis for "Sivana Comes on Strong!"

Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel fly towards the two gigantic monsters who are Mister Mind. Mary gets there first and she tells Captain that the giants are not actually living beings, since she can't sense their vibrations. Marvel realizes that Mary has the power of the Godgess Athena and she comes to the conclusion that the giants must be robots and that Mister Mind is in fact inside them. Both Mary and Captain are forced to retreat when some helicopters from the Department of Heartland Security start shooting at them.

Captain Marvel flies off as fast as he can and takes Mary with him to his derelict apartment, where they say the magic word and return to their normal appearances. Once inside, Billy notices that all the cockroaches from his place have vanished and when Mary turns on the TV, they learn that all the bugs from Fawcett City have disappeared as well. Billy then remembers that he saw many ants walking away in the city, but before he could think of what's happening, Mary opens the door after listening some sounds and a couple of agents enter the place and grab the two kids, covering their mouths to prevent them from saying the magic word. Then, Dr. Sivana enters the place along with Lagreen and his bully friend, and he thanks them for letting him know the location of Billy Batson, who they also revealed as Captain Marvel. Sivana interrogates Billy and forces him to write his answers, to prevent him from speaking and Sivana pretends to be worried about Marvel's involvement with the monster. When he learns that the monster might be a robot, Sivana realizes that he could learn more from such technology to incite war and gain profit. Sivana orders his men to take Mary to a secret location, while he takes Billy to the place where the giants are standing.

Once in the park, Sivana approaches the giants along with Billy, Lagreen and the bully. When a weird machine comes out of the giant, Sivana orders Lagreen and his friend to get the strange object, but as they approach it, they are transformed into monsters who attack Sivana and Billy. Before running away, Sivana tries to free Billy, which gives the kid the chance to say "Shazam" right before the monsters reach him. Once transformed into Captain Marvel, more monsters appear and they introduce themselves as The Monster Society of Evil, but they are all defeated by Captain Marvel. When the cries for help of Sivana are heard by the police, they release tear gas in the area, which allows Captain Marvel to escape unnoticed.

Hours later, Billy is sitting alone at the harbor, defeated after searching for his sister across the city when suddenly Talky appears and offers his help to find Mary. Billy comes up with the idea that maybe he could find Mary going to the media and Talky decides to investigate at the park, near to the giants.

Billy goes to the SNN offices and tries to talk with the president, but his efforts are futile. He then decides to turn into Captain Marvel and he is suddenly granted access to talk with Mr. Morris. Marvel informs him about Sivana's evil plan and the missing girl. Morris promises to help him find the girl, but in order to make a case against Sivana, they're going to need proof, so Marvel sets out to find Talky.

In the meantime, Talky is watching the giants from a very close place and he notices that two agents come from inside the robots. When Billy joins him, Talky informs him about the agents and Billy recognizes them as Sivana's men, the ones who took Mary. Talky tries to come up with a plan to break inside the robot, but Billy gets impatient and speaks the magic word without listening to Talky's warnings.


  • This book was first published on May 2, 2007.
  • Lagreen's "friend" calls him "La Green" indicating that either his name was mispronounced, misspelled in previous issues or that this is just an alternate way of spelling his name.


  • In this version of Captain Marvel's origin Mary Marvel can sense the life force in living beings (and therefore can sense when it's gone), Billy mentions that this is a power of the godgess Athena.

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