During the 19th Century, Sherlock Holmes was a member—possibly the leader—of a global conspiracy. The world has always been a strange place, and for a while, Holmes thought about sharing the strangeness of the world. But he soon came to the conclusion that the people of the world were not ready to know these things.

Together with a European Baron with an interest in re-animation, an invisible man and the legendary Dracula, among others, Holmes kept the knowledge of the world's secret. He collected information in the hopes that it might one day be safe to reveal it to the world.

In 1920, Holmes was approached by Elijah Snow, a young adventurer who had single-handedly and systematically destroyed the conspiracy. When Snow killed Dracula in Holmes' study, the conspiracy was over. Snow was determined to discover the "secret archeology" of the world, and Holmes agreed to teach him how to be a detective.

Snow studied with Holmes until the detective's death in 1925.


  • Sherlock Holmes, by trademark, is created by Arthur Conan Doyle.