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Quote1 Back from the grave? Should have stayed buried. Quote2
-- Hawkgirl src

Year One

Shiera is a member of the Justice League, and assists them when Superman's parents are kidnapped by Mirror Master. She is a member of the contingency sent to reason with Aquaman after he attacks a fishing vessel.

When Shiera attempts to kidnap a political official, she is shocked out of the sky by Black Lightning, then subdued by Huntress. For a while, her disappearance goes unnoticed because of Martian Manhunter's transformation into her so that he can act as a spy for Batman and the Insurgency.

When Damian discovers this ruse and reports it to the Justice League, they reveal Bruce's identity to the world. Batman releases the real Hawkgirl to the League subsequently.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

"Single Player: Battle" Epilogue

Free of his brainwashing, Hawkgirl exacted revenge on the High Councilor for murdering her husband Hawkman. She was nevertheless sent to prison for her role in the Regime. One night, she awoke hovering above her cot glowing with eldritch light.

An instant later, she stood at the bottom of a shallow crater. There she found the source of the light: a meteorite of pure Nth Metal. As she touched it, the meteorite sprung to life, encasing her in Nth Metal. The new armor made Hawkgirl invincible. Her first act: vengeance against those who had helped Superman capture Hawkman.




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