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in: Carmine Infantino/Cover Artist, Murphy Anderson/Cover Artist, Drew Moore/Cover Artist E. Nelson Bridwell/Writer, John Broome/Writer, Edmond Hamilton/Writer, Leo Dorfman/Writer, Gardner Fox/Writer, Cary Bates/Writer, Mike Friedrich/Writer, Frank Robbins/Writer, Dennis O'Neil/Writer, Bob Haney/Writer, Elliot S. Maggin/Writer, Bob Rozakis/Writer, Ross Andru/Penciler, Curt Swan/Penciler, Sheldon Moldoff/Penciler, Pete Costanza/Penciler, Chic Stone/Penciler, Gil Kane/Penciler, Irv Novick/Penciler, Murphy Anderson/Penciler, Dick Dillin/Penciler, Rich Buckler/Penciler, Bob Brown/Penciler, Mike Grell/Penciler, A. Martinez/Penciler, Al Milgrom/Penciler, Mike Esposito/Inker, George Klein/Inker, Joe Giella/Inker, Pete Costanza/Inker, Sid Greene/Inker, Murphy Anderson/Inker, Dick Giordano/Inker, Vince Colletta/Inker, Frank Giacoia/Inker, Rich Buckler/Inker, Frank McLaughlin/Inker, Mike Grell/Inker, Mazzaroli/Inker, Terry Austin/Inker, Black and White Comics, Julius Schwartz/Editor, Bob Joy/Editor, Collected Editions, 2008, January (Publication), Executive Editor Credit Needed, Letterer Credit Needed, Showcase Presents

Showcase Presents: Robin, the Boy Wonder Vol. 1 (Collected)


Showcase Presents: Robin, the Boy Wonder Vol. 1 (Collected)

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Showcase Presents
This paperback collection is part of DC Comics' Showcase Presents series. This volume reprints various DC Comics stories in black and white, originally published during the Golden, Silver and Bronze Age publishing eras. This template will categorize articles that include it into Category:Showcase Presents.

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