Doom Patrol

Shyleen was a member of the corporatized Doom Patrol formed by eccentric millionaire Thayer Jost. Shyleen's portrait is hung in Dayton Manor in remembrance of former Doom Patrol members.

Dark Side Club

Shyleen was one of many heroes abducted by the Dark Side Club and was brainwashed into fighting in gladiatorial combat. She briefly shared a cell with captured members of the Teen Titans, Miss Martian and Red Devil.


Fever fought in a battle against the Ravager, who succeeded in defeating her with a single kick to the jaw. The judge Virman Vundabar signaled for Ravager to execute Fever, but she refused to take her life. As Ravager exited the arena, one of Vundabar's henchmen shot Fever in the head, killing her. [1]


  • Pyrokinesis: Fever has power over heat transfer and, to a degree, fire.


  • Power Instability: In order to control her power, Shyleen wears special gloves that focus her energy.



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