Sierra alias Matrix was given her superpowers by Lex Luthor's Everyman Project, and replaced Trajectory on Infinity, Inc. II. As the new Matrix, with the abilities of invisibility and flight. She proved popular with the fans, mainly because of her teasing behavior and rumors about a video she once did.

The attractive spokes model called Sierra would be one of the many applicants which successfully gave her special superhuman gifts. Matrix joined the rest of the new Infinitors when Obsidian, attacked the new Jade for assuming his sister's Jade identity.

Matrix was also present with some of the team and a wide variety of other heroes when they went up against Black Adam at the Great Wall of China. However she and her teammates turned down the poignant invitation by Alan Scott, to battle Black Adam. She later showed her cowardice when she fled during Black Adam's invasion of Bialya during the "World War III" event.