Years ago, even before his birth, a curse was placed on Hector Hall by Hath-Set, the arch foe of his father, Hawkman; Hector would be born as 'the child without a soul'. Though Hector appeared normal for the first two decades of his life, Hath-Set (now reincarnated as the woman Hastor) eventually sprang his trap, awakening the latent evil that dwelled inside Hector. A malevolent entity which adopted the name of 'Silver Scarab' (Hector's own code name as a member of Infinity, Inc.) and which literally hatched from Hector's body, killing him (though he would later be resurrected), before luring his fiancee Lyta Trevor into a trap. The Scarab and its mistress clashed with Infinity, Inc. and the Scarab was ultimately seemingly destroyed by them, its armored form crumbling to dust. Whether the Scarab is gone for good remains to be seen.