Damocles, known as the master by the Sword, was a scientist from a parallel Earth where their inhabitants had abused their natural resources, exhausted them, and polluted the atmosphere and the sea, leaving Earth a half-dead world with little time to live on.

Worried for the future of his world and his family - his daughter and his wife - Damocles developed a machine to renew the life of his planet, by stealing from other parallel Earths. Opposed to this plan was Sigma, who considered such a plan an aberration. Despite the refusal of the ruling class, Damocles went to activate his machine. Sigma came to stop him, followed by armed guards. Sigma tried to reason with Damocles about the morality of his actions but Damocles didn't listen and attacked Sigma. In the middle of the chaos, the machine started to operate, stealing the life of countless parallel worlds. Instead of giving it to Damocles' world however, all the energy went to Damocles. Meanwhile Sigma disappeared in the myriad of worlds of the multiverse, leaving Damocles alone. Damocles then discovered that the little life of his world was also taken, and everything but him on it was dead. Enraged by the death of his loved ones, and full of powers derived of the energy of infinite worlds, Damocles went on a multiversal rampage, destroying Earth after Earth, searching for Sigma, whom he blamed for the destruction of his world.

During his travels, Damocles recruited the Sword and the Bounty Hunters, who helped him to travel among the worlds by pushing the Moon against the Earth, thereby generating the energy needed to jump from one Earth to another one. The circumstances of how this alliance was formed are unknown.

Damocles found the reborn Sigma on the main Wildstorm Earth. The Earth heroes opposed Damocles, only to discover than he was a parallel version of Dr. Tsung, Sigma's adviser and stepfather, and also Gen-Factor discoverer. In a last chance to defeat Damocles, Deathblow pushed him against the energy wall of the machine that was pushing the Moon against the Earth. The wall was a door to other dimensions and Damocles was lost in it, his being dispersed among the multiverse.


The reason Damocles calls Dr. Tsung his doppelganger is because they are dimensional counterparts.