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Quote1 Others have failed, but I will succeed because I have the vision-- a Fawcett City for the 21st century. Quote2
-- Sinclair Batson src

Business man and Realtor, Mr. Sinclair Batson came back to Fawcett City after 10 years away, with him he brought Waynetech and a deadly bug.

It is later revealed that Sinclair Batson was a sort of reanimated being, a fake identity created by Lady Blaze in a contract with Uncle Ebenezer to fulfill his greatest wish to have a son. After the events of Underworld Unleashed, Shazam traps Lady Blaze inside the Rock of Eternity and doing so cancels some of her contracts and reduces Sinclair to a burnt corpse. [1]

  • Although officially dead and/or an reanimated being, Sinclair's body is constantly used for nefarious purposes such as a pawn in Lady M's scheme in Power of Shazam #22



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