Quote1 Good-bye, Jordan. Quote2
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Sinestro is what will happen to Hal Jordan if he is not kept in check. Power corrupts. And these Green Lantern rings seem to be the cloest any of us could have to absolute power. Sinestro was chosen by the Green Lantern Corps to police the specified region of his home planet. He was judged to be fearless.

But over time, the power of the ring changed him. Sinestro began to rule and abuse the world's he was charged to protect. The Guardians stopped him. They took away his ring. In their desire to teach him a lesson, they banished him to a world of terrible cruelty and despotism. But for someone like Sinestro, it was like coming home. The race that lived in that placed hated the Guardians and their intergalatic police force. They created a weapon for Sinestro, one not without its own brand of irony. They gave him a ring that operated exactly like those of the Green Lantern Corps. Except his ring did not rely upon power from the central Green Lantern Corps battery. And it was capable of breaking through any form generated by a Green Lantern ring.

It is more than a desire for revenge against the Green Lantern Corps that has caused Sinestro to especially hate and strike at Hal Jordan. It is far more personal. Jordan was not corrupted by the ring as Sinestro was. Jordan was hailed as the greatest Green Lantern of them all. So, despite having a superior power ring, a weakness is revealed: Sinestro's pride. [1]






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