Siobhan's father was the head of a Gaelic Clan where his first born would become the leader and inherit the Castle Broen. Since Siobhan was the first-born she inherited the castle. Siobhan was killed by her brother and was cursed. She was sent to the underworld, only to return with metahuman strength and a wail that could kill anyone who heard it. The villagers named her the Silver Banshee. Then her brother Bevan, used an Irish-Scottish ritual to burn her body and her blood so she could not return. The only way she could return was if her portrait is revealed.

When Lois Lane accidentally ripped a portrait at the McDougal Inn, the Silver Banshee was released and took over a female civilian. Siobhan then took the guy who was with the girl into the woods and killed him. After a fight between Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen, Chloe went for a walk in the woods. She saw the dead body and then Siobhan, but it was too late. Siobhan possessed Chloe and then went back to the Inn. When she got back she ambushed Clark Kent in the shower with the entent to seduce him just as Lois arrived. Before Lois could stomp out, Siobhan possessed Lois who went to take Oliver into the woods. Clark and Chloe realized what had happened and found out how to stop her. While Clark and Chloe were trying to figure out how to destroy the Silver Banshee, Siobhan attacked Oliver in the woods. Before she could kill him, Clark arrived. Using her sonic scream, Siobhan attacked Clark, who was shoved backwards into a tree. Clark got up to attack, but Chloe had figured out how to get rid of the Banshee. Chloe had burned Siobhan's portrait and then the Silver Banshee was sent back to the Underworld.



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