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While the inhabitants of the planet Sirkus include Flamebirds and Eel-Creatures, the term "Sirkian" has been specifically applied to an all-female terran race. These Sirkians were fairly tall, very lean, had only one centered eye, and no mouth speaking via telepathy. According to one of the Sirkian leader, that it been a long time since the sirkian experience war. so they were unprepared for the likes of Despero.

When Despero first attacked the Sirkians, they were able to probed his mind and learned about the Justice League. The Sirkians use the travel beam to bring Superman here. However Despero (Gaining both the eel creatures and flamebirds allegiance, Ergon initiated 'The Scenario' which involve using a fake justice League to help superman fight against Despero forces. Unfortunately this failed with Despero gloating about defeating Superman and enslaving the planet. He soon departed Sirkus in a ship also containing Superman and the Sirkian Justice League. Presumably, the Sirkians were returned to their home after Despero was defeated by the TRUE justice League.

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Habitat: theres a mushroom city and one of there species weapon resides in a tropical swamp.
Atmosphere: breathable


Cultural Traits:

They often invoked Cormak (the Sirkian deity)


Governor Kwim, Director Ergon

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