The Skeleton Crew are a team of five living skeleton "members" that can form into a variety of large and fearful skeletal constructs. It is unknown as to how they were formed or created by means of dark magic or such, nor are to be confirm as whether they are alive or dead.

The Skeleton Crew were incarcerated into the Number of the Beast Program where they teamed with the other imprisoned to formed the Crime Corps. The Skeleton Crew and their inmates were freed from the program by the High. Since Armageddon, the Skeleton Crew remained a part of the Fearsmiths (the successor of the Crime Corps) and stationed in Malice, Iowa (formerly Alice, Iowa).

  • According to Zebulon McCandless' notes in Number of the Beast, McCandless was confuse as to whether to have five separate sleeping tubes for the five member Skeleton Crew, or simply have the bones taken apart and dumped them into a single tube.