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The Sky Pirate was an enemy of Green Lantern Alan Scott, and began his career in 1947. He owns the zepellin "The Flying Dutchman". The airship is positioned next to the intended target, preferably a penthouse apartment, allowing the crew to invade it, strip it of valuables and escape in minimum time. The Sky Pirate is also armed with a flintlock pistol (modified to fire knockout gas, strong enough to subdue the Green Lantern). His hideout is a natural cave in the Catskills mountains. Pirate feel extremely confident when flying or being off the ground, even when indoors. He has enough skill in unarmed combat to face Alan Scott in his prime and also carries a sword.

The main weakness of the Pirata is Terraphobia (fear of low heights); He loses confidence and skill when on flat ground or below. It also has the habit of using deadly traps designed to eliminate prisoners as Alan Scott and Doiby Dickles rather than as soon kill them as possible, thus giving them time to escape.


  • How much higher the place where Sky Pirate is, he become more and more stronger. [1]



  • Fear of Low Heights: This fear is so intense that it actually physically weakens the Sky Pirate.


  • Flying Dutchman: The Flying Dutchman is a zepellin used by Pirate and his gang. It has a paint job that resembles a pirate galleon; from far away it gives the illusion of being a flying pirate ship. The ship can emit a smokescreen, used to disguise itself as a cloud. When it docks in a locale, the airship ropes are almost invisible, and give the impression that the Pirate, while balancing on it, is floating in the air.


  • Flintlock Pistol (modified)
  • Sword



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