Quote1 Let's just say the reaper can swing his sickle at me, but I'm beyond Death's stroke now Quote2
-- Slade Wilson to Clark Kent src

Slade Wilson was an officer in the United States Army. For years, Wilson was followed by rumors of war crimes, but he was never charged for anything and continued to move up the ranks.[1] At some point, he had a daughter, but walked away as he felt protecting people meant that you couldn't risk loving them. He was also subjected to experiments, that granted him an enhanced ability to heal.[2]

In 2010, Wilson had assigned by President Martinez to oversee the Vigilante Registration Act. With this new authority, Wilson began building prisons to hold the super powered vigilantes. An activity that caused him to come into conflict with the Blur and his League of heroes, which resulted in a violent confrontation and one facility being blown up, with Wilson inside it. However, thanks to his healing ability, Wilson survived, even if he lost an eye in the explosion.[1]

Returning to his regular activities, he found himself in combat against the vigilante known as Hawkman. Wilson managed to get the upper hand and stabbed Hawkman in the back, killing him. For his actions, and the fact that Wilson was among those corrupted by Darkseid, the Blur banished Wilson to the Phantom Zone.[2] A few months later, Wilson was returned to Earth, by General Zod, in a comatose state.[3]





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