Quote1 Let's just say the reaper can swing his sickle at me, but I'm beyond Death's stroke now Quote2
-- Slade Wilson to Clark Kent src

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Wilsons debut on Smallville

When the Vigilante Registration Act is passed and Rick Flag's Suicide Squad begin to act out against it, firm supporter of the VRA, Slade Wilson begins to push for more stringent measures to control and even kill the super-powered heroes of the United States, stating that they are nothing more than dictators in the waiting. As such he begins to have bases built to imprision the heroes and exploit their abilities, forcing them to work for him and the Governement. He sets his sites on Aquaman in particular after he and Mera destroy one of his bases. In order to find out what Slade has planned, Oliver Queen volunteers to register. Lois Lane meanwhile confronts Slade, and discovers that Slade is a suspected war-criminal, known for torture and illegal methods of torture and interogation. She however is too late to warn Oliver, and he along with A.C. are captured by Slade. Clark Kent and Mera free Oliver and A.C., but Slade sets off the base's self-destruction. When Clark tries to save him, Slade refuses, wanting instead to die while killing Clark. Both Clark and Slade survive the explosion. How Slade survived is unknown, however he did lose his right eye in the processes.

Slade later made a statement on the news, framing Oliver Queen for the explosion of the Government holding cells, turning the entire world against the League. He arranges for the Leagues key supporters: Emil Hamilton, Tess Mercer and Lois Lane to be captured and held at the Daily Planet for interrogation on the League's whereabouts. Lois, Emil, and Tess with the help of Cat Grant and Clark, escaped custody. Later, Slade found Lois sneaking into Oliver's office at LuthorCorp and held her hostage with a gun. She fought back, yet Slade overpowered her. As he was about to kill her, Hawkman arrived and fought Slade to a stand-still. Although Slade managed to stab Hawkman from behind with his sword, an explosion caused by a leaking gas line blasted Slade back in defeat while the impact blasted Lois out of the building. Slade survived the explosion with minimal damage and was about to get away, but was confronted by Clark. He managed to defeat Slade by sending him to the Phantom Zone.

When Zod took control of the Phantom Zone, he made it so that General Slade would escape from the Zone, sending a message to Kal-El. He also put him in a coma when he was found on a street corner.




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