Reverend Slaggingham was a human who changed his body into a steampunk robot, makng him able to live beyond his age. During his long life, he has enslaved children to work in his factories, until the imaginary friends of Timothy Hunter, without a place to live, started making ruckus in his property below London, making difficult for him to do his work. For this, he searched ways to attack the mage.

Slaggingham latest plan involved two parts. First, he used his servants to capture peoples souls inside a globe, and send the body to work on the factory. Those were called 'the gents'. The other part of the plan was to sell misery to the people of London, and when their happines run low, he would absorb it with his machines to consume it. Also, in an attempt to stop the imaginary friends of Timothy Hunter, he transformed Daniel so he could confront the mage, and by killing him, killing his imaginary friends. All this was in vain, though, as Awn the Blink, one of the imaginary friends of Tim Hunter, informed Slaggingham that as he is a machine now, he could never consume hapinness, and so he destroyed himself in defeat.

He did not even do a great work destroying himself, and his head survived. Now he spend his time talking with God, or the Devil, he really doesn't know, and trying to scam other people with his messages. He later helped, but not willingly, to Tim Hunter, Awn the Blink, and Circe, to stop Spinning Jemmy, from the Laughing Brigade of Chaos, who was destroying London just because she wanted ice-cream.


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: All of his body has been transmuted into a steampunk robot, and now he hides different weapons in his body, such as guns, and scanners.
  • Immortality
  • Slaggingham, once defeated, stated that he has lived, at least, 140 years.