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Lois Lane decides to move into the Kent farm, much to the surprise of Clark Kent. Clark receives an anonymously sent package which contains a blue, Kryptonian crystal. Clark inadvertently activates the crystal and both Lois and he are whisked away to the Phantom Zone. Lois has t

Quote1 Whatever kills you makes you stronger. Quote2

Appearing in "Bloodline"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Tess' assistant



  • Crystal of Knowledge
  • House of El sigil
  • Martian Crystal


Synopsis for "Bloodline"

Lois Lane decides to move into the Kent farm, much to the surprise of Clark Kent. Clark receives an anonymously sent package which contains a blue, Kryptonian crystal. Clark inadvertently activates the crystal and both Lois and he are whisked away to the Phantom Zone. Lois has trouble acclimating to this bizarre climate, but she is definitely aware that she is in an alien environment. Clark tries to find them shelter while also maintaining the illusion that he is as perplexed as Lois as to their predicament.

Meanwhile, Tess Mercer traces the blue crystal to the Kent farm and goes there to retrieve it. Luckily, Chloe arrives moments earlier and pockets the crystal before Tess can discover it. The two exchange tense words with one another then go on their way. Chloe knows that Clark is in trouble and contacts Oliver Queen.

In the Phantom Zone, Clark and Lois encounter Clark's cousin Kara. Kara has been trapped in the Zone ever since Brainiac imprisoned her here. She has access to the portal back to Earth, but refuses to use it, fearing that the other Zoners might escape. Clark insists on sending Lois back home and agrees to guard the portal while Kara activates the transmitter device. She does so and pushes Lois into the portal, but a Zoner known as Faora slips past Clark and follows Lois back to Earth. Upon reaching their destination, Faora's essence takes physical possession of Lois Lane. Faora-Lois has a chance encounter with Chloe Sullivan, and Chloe quickly realizes that her cousin has been possessed by a Phantom Zone criminal.

Chloe meets with Oliver Queen and tells him that she needs a secondary device to operate the blue crystal to bring Clark and Lois back home. When Oliver learns that Tess currently possesses the secondary device, he is only more than willing to break into Luthor Manor and steal it. While at the mansion, Oliver (dressed as Green Arrow) encounters Tess Mercer. He incapacitates her with a sedative arrow and steals the device. Mercer doesn't known that the Green Arrow is also Oliver Queen. Oliver meets up with Chloe at the Isis Foundation and Chloe uses her new mechanolink powers to activate the device bringing Clark and Kara back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Faora-Lois finds Davis Bloome. She reveals to him that he is actually the son of herself and General Zod and was genetically created as a powerful “Doomsday” weapon. She stabs Davis in the chest to show him that he will regenerate from nearly any wound.

Clark eventually finds Faora-Lois and the two begin fighting. Unfortunately for Clark, Lois now has all of his powers, but none of his inhibitions. Kara saves the day by using a Kryptonian relic that exorcises Faora from Lois' body and sends it back into the Phantom Zone. Lois, naturally, has no memory of what has taken place.

Clark has a conversation with Kara who tells him that she cannot remain on Earth. She believes that the Kryptonian city of Kandor might have survived Krypton’s destruction and it is her destiny to learn if any part of Krypton still exists.

Later, Davis Bloome rises from his seemingly fatal injury. He bears no injuries at all and proves his heartiness by attempting to drive a sharpened piece of steel into his chest. The metal shatters against his chest.


  • This episode first aired in the United States on November 6th, 2008.
  • Jimmy Olsen does not appear in this episode.
  • Kara was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Brainiac in the Season Seven episode "Arctic".
  • First appearance of Faora. The character is based upon the Silver Age Kryptonian villain Faora Hu-Ul. Some elements of Faora's character are also taken from the Modern Age character Ursa, who like Faora, was the wife of General Zod and the father of Zod's son. Faora's true form in this episode is seen only briefly as a computer generated image.
  • Clark makes reference to John Jones in this episode. Jones became a detective for the Metropolis police department in "Identity".
  • This episode establishes that Davis Bloome is the son of Faora and General Zod. Bloome now serves as an analog to two DC Comics characters. In mainstream continuity, Zod's son is named Lor-Zod. This episode also foreshadows Bloome's role as this reality's counterpart to Doomsday. As this episode demonstrates, Bloome can regenerate from any injury and cannot be killed in the same manner twice.


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Character Actor
Clark KentTom Welling
Chloe SullivanAllison Mack
Lois Lane/FaoraErica Durance
Tess MercerCassidy Freeman
Davis BloomeSam Witwer
Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)Justin Hartley
Kara Zor-ElLaura Vandervoort

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