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Smallville Season 11 Vol 1 15


Smallville Season 11 Vol 1 15

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"Argo": The Legionnaires have come together to prevent a conflict that could tear the whole solar system apart. Cosmic Boy rallies his team, reminding them Legion's sworn duty: preserve life at all costs.

Quote1 It's the first time since before my parents put me on that ship that I've felt... at peace. The only "mission" I have now is my own. Quote2
-- Supergirl

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  • 31st Century



Synopsis for "Argo"

The Legionnaires have come together to prevent a conflict that could tear the whole solar system apart. Cosmic Boy rallies his team, reminding them Legion's sworn duty: preserve life at all costs.

Meanwhile, both parties are preparing for annihilating each other. The terrorists caught by Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy planted on New Krypton a boom-tube generator. And the Argoan Ministry of Conflict is getting ready a gravity bomb for launch.

In the Faora's burial site, Kara is incensed by the defilement of that tomb. Superman and Supergirl have a short fight until Clark manages to calm his cousin down. After the fight is over, as they reassure each other, they learn the inter-planetary crisis has gotten worse. Minister Niedrigh has sent a Doomsday clone to New Krypton. In retaliation, New Krypton has launched a gravity bomb aimed for Metropolis.

Superman and Supergirl quickly meet up with their fellow Legionnaires and the team devises a strategy: Superman and Saturn Girl will fight Doomsday, and Supergirl will lead the remainder Legionnaires to stop the gravity bomb.

Superman engages Doomsday. As they brawl brutally, Saturn Girl links Clark to the people of New Krypton, and he urges them to fight alongside him. The Argoans mass-attack Doomsday, but the monster is too powerful and repels their onslaught. Superman decides that he will pick Doomsday and fly him to the Sun. He's warned that not even he can escape the Sun's gravity. Superman answers he is aware.

Back on Earth, the Legion fails and the bomb levels Metropolis. Supergirl leads the Legion to rescue everybody they can. EarthGov deploys a fleet of ships to help them. The Legionnaires aren't inclined to trust them, but Kara replies "there's been enough destruction for a few lifetimes", and tells her team work with them for the present time.

Kara is called by Chancellor Pa-Vel. She starts to call him out on his actions but he cuts her off to tell her what her cousin is about to do.

Superman manages to throw Doomsday into the Sun. As he falls into the star with Doomsday, he asks Saturn Girl via telepathy to tell Lois and make sure that Kara finds her place. However he is pulled to safety by his cousin and the Legion.

Having saved the day, Superman and Supergirl link hands as they and their teammates fly back to Earth.

Later, Earth and New Krypton have agreed to a truce. Peace talks are ongoing. EarthGov has disavowed Minister Niedrigh and both planets will help each other rebuild.

Clark knows it's time to leave. Brainiac gives him back his Legion Ring and he goes to meet his cousin. Kara isn't ready to leave the future quite yet, though. For first time since she was sent to Earth, she is free to decide what she wants her mission to be. And she couldn't be happier about it.



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