As a thug, Snake was hired to kill Andrea Rojas' mother. Snake and one of his men to kill her and injure Andrea, causing Andrea to have a heart transplant. The surgery gave her a heart rich in meteor rock, giving her metahuman powers.

Several years later, Snake and one of his men tried to mug Martha Kent. Andrea, now under the guise of the Angel of Vengeance, stopped them and saved Martha, but they got away with Jonathan Kent's watch. Clark Kent later teamed up with Andrea to track down the watch.

They traced it to Snake's hideout. Clark choked Snake until he admitted that he sold the watch. Andrea showed up and subdued Clark with Kryptonite while she interrogated Snake. He admitted that he was hired by Lionel Luthor to kill her mother. In a fit of rage, Andrea killed Snake, while Clark could only watch in horror. Clark, later, got the watch back after it was found in a pawn shop by Lana Lang.



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