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===1940s=== During an as yet unrevealed adventure, the 5th-Dimensional being Dr. Nobody magically extended the lifespans of SMASH members, along with other heroes. That enabled them to remain active for decades without apparently aging. [1]


Members of SMASH were killed or placed in suspended animation by an alien being attempting to convert the Earth into a spaceship.


They were freed by Tom Strong and "Doc" Tom Strange.

Renaming themselves (from Major to Modern), the team reformed and continued their adventures.


The Modern Lineup


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • Ostensibly a team dating back to the 1940s, they of course are a modern invention of Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse using various public domain characters from Nedor Comics.



  • No trivia.

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SMASH (Earth-ABC) 001

SMASH (l. to r.): Pyroman, Princess Pantha, Tom Strange, unknown, Fighting Spirit, The Terror, Ms Masque

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