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Solar Tower

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Solar Tower
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The Solar Tower is a massive, golden skyscraper located in the heart of midtown Metropolis, only a few blocks away from the Daily Planet. The building was owned by billionaire Loren Jupiter who, along with the mysterious Omen, used it as a base of operations in which to form a new team of Teen Titans. To the general public, it was the corporate headquarters of Jupiter Industries.

Also living in the tower was fashion designer Neil Richards. Formerly a small time Carnaby Street criminal known as the "Mad Mod", Richards was responsible for designing the new team their wardrobe. [1]

The Solar Tower was outfitted with a combat training room called the Pressure Chamber. The room was equipped with a variety of high-tech weaponry and utilities that could replicate any possible threat that a combatant might face. The Pressure Room included lasers and other hard-light projectile weapons, hydraulic press battering rams and silicon containment spheres. Adjacent to the Pressure Chamber was a monitoring station with a computer network in which Jupiter could program the Chamber to tailor design it's offensive capabilities with specific targets in mind. [2]

The Titans only remained in the Tower for a few weeks before relocating to an apartment above Knock Out Video. [3]

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  • The Solar Tower's Pressure Chamber was very similar to the Danger Room from Marvel Comics' X-Men.

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