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"Back Bone": A little girl wonders why a new roominghouse tenant smells so bad.

Quote1 Yes... he needs me... God he needs me... Because without me, he's no man. Quote2
-- Poison Ivy

Appearing in "Back Bone"

Featured Characters:

  • Lainie Chisolm
  • Mrs. Chisolm


  • Bradley Rayburn


Synopsis for "Back Bone"

A little girl wonders why a new roominghouse tenant smells so bad.

Appearing in "Drive"

Featured Characters:

  • A nameless young starlet


  • Harrison (A "WCHT" TV broadcaster)

Other Characters:

  • Loretta (Behind the scenes)



  • A shovel


  • A car

Synopsis for "Drive"

A young starlet wants to be in television — and she does.

Appearing in "Old Dog/New Trick"

Featured Characters:

  • Revolutionaries
    • Hector
    • Pedro
    • Luis Dominguez
    • An unnamed inmate/barber
    • An unnamed inmate/repairman


  • General Ramirez (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Youngbloods gang
    • Manual (Dies)


  • An unnamed prison.


  • Several razors

Synopsis for "Old Dog/New Trick"

After 30-years, a few imprisoned revolutionaries continue their pursuit of freedom from behind cell walls.

Appearing in "The Stalking Horse"

Featured Characters:

  • Whiskey Sam Martin
  • Silver Goose

Other Characters:

  • Philip Starklighter
  • Zachariah Martin (Dies)


Synopsis for "The Stalking Horse"

A fur trader watches as his brother is killed by a grizzly. After being attacked too, he is scarred for life and plots a most vicious revenge.

Appearing in "Poison"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Adams (a florist)


Synopsis for "Poison"

Poison Ivy and Batman get very physical with their jealous game of love and hate.


  • This book was first published on August 31, 2005.
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