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Solomon Grundy is an immortal zombie super-villain from the 19th Century with several origins. Originally murdered in the mysterious Slaughter Swamp, he resurrects and
Sir Solomon Grundy

Sir Solomon Grundy (Solomon Grundy)
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Sir Solomon Grundy
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Sir Solomon Grundy is the heroic Antimatter Universe counterpart of Solomon Grundy and was a member of Cluemaster's Justice Underground. Sir Grundy is a distinguished, poised mountain of a man. During an aerial bombardment of Dover, he was blasted to life out of the white rock. Sir Grundy appears to be identical in physical appearance to Solomon Grundy with the exception of a trimmed mustache and a small goatee. In keeping with his educated personality, Sir Grundy dresses himself as a 19th century Englishman would, and speaks accordingly. His super-strength and invulnerability made him a formidable hero, until Ultraman rendered him inert on a Saturday.

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