"Mind-Slaves of the Caption King!": After another introduction from Bunny our story continues....

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After another introduction from Bunny our story continues....

With the former minion of Argh!yle on the run with Operation: Big Boot, he tries to make an escape via the subway and finds himself arrested. Meanwhile, Ambush Bug continues his quest to stop the Interferer and save Cheeks, however the Interferer has decided to alter Ambush Bug's reality so that he portrays different super-hero styles, the Interferer having taken a liking to super-heroes and comic books.

We are told the origin of the Interferer, who after making it rich selling comic books ended up flopping and tired to kill himself. Jumping off a building he shouted "Shazam!" And was granted with super-powers and then began using these abilities to shape reality to suit his entertainment needs. Elsewhere, the AWOL member of Argh!yle's group is locked up in a jail, and the DC Editorial team sends a memo to Argh!yle stating that he is no longer needed for the Ambush Bug series before his bureau in space is blown up.

Ambush Bug meanwhile has been placed in a boxing match and later transported into a Pac-Man type game. Back in World War II, Cheeks has found himself spying in the offices of one of the Nazi's highest ranking officials who dismisses him as a toy left behind by "Verdammit children." Ambush Bug finds himself transported to a limbo as the Interferer tries to decide what to do with Ambush Bug for his own amusement.

He finally makes up his mind and transports Ambush Bug back to his apartment, when there is a knock at the door, Ambush Bug answers it. He finds a police officer waiting outside telling the Bug that he is under arrest.

This story is continued next issue...


  • This book was first published on July 3, 1986.
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