Soto was a child-like alien whose pet dog ran away from him. He came to Earth searching for his dog when one of his searcher drones picked up Beast Boy disguised as a dog and, mistaking him for the pet dog, beamed him on board Soto's ship. Beast Boy tried to entertain Soto by transforming himself into various animals, which was something Soto's pet dog couldn't do. However, Beast Boy didn't like being chained up and wanted to be set free. Soto refused to do so and forced Beast Boy to change by using a remote on Beast Boy's leash that delivered a painful shock to force the change. The other Teen Titans, however, found out where Soto's ship was located when they found his pet dog, mistaking him for Beast Boy in dog form at first, and prevented Soto from taking off in his ship with Beast Boy. Though most of the Teen Titans couldn't prevail against Soto's physical power, Beast Boy managed to break from his leash and with the rest of the team defeated Soto to the point where he was crying...until his pet dog showed up. However, the dog wanted better treatment from his owner, so Soto decided he was going to be the dog from now on. Both Soto and his dog happily departed from the planet.



  • Child-like Mentality: Soto, although a gigantic alien, has the mentality of a child. Soto talks in third person and is easily entertained. He also throws temper-tantrums when something doesn't go his way.


  • Electro-Shock Collar (formerly)


  • Soto's Space Ship
  • There are some possibilities on how Soto got the name he was given.[original research?]
    • He was possibly named for Teen Titans director Alex Soto.
    • He also might have been named after the conquistador Hernando de Soto. The Spanish adventurer was notorious for finding natives in the New World and forcing them into slave labor. He frequently used dog collar like chains to hold his new slaves.
  • Soto, like his dog and Cinderblock, was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.